About Us

nuResponse is a team of programming geeks & web developers being guided by small business geniuses. And we have a Mission!

Our Mission is to,

"Help small business owners grow sales and cut costs!"


Technology can help! When technology development is guided by experience, the outcome is phenomenal. Our Vision is to, "Create great applications to benefit small businesses." Small business owners know that the constant changing of hats to operate their business can be taxing. Automating vital aspects of marketing will free up time and allow a business Owner to do what they do best, "Run their business!"

Core Principles

Love What You Do

Helping business owners gives us purpose! Purpose allows us to LOVE what we do. So, success begets success and we like it that way.

Keep It Simple

Technology should be complicated enough to make business processes simple! Simplifying the process for our clients is at the core of our purpose.


Honesty in all our dealings! You know when it's working, and you know when it's not. We stand on principle!