Lead Capture

Converting online website visitors into offline customers is no simple task. NuResponse captures the contact information for all responders online and offline. This helps insure maximum conversion rates and overall return on investment (ROI). Our Lead Capture tools include Call tracking features, which allow us to pull data from the telephony company for instant notifications.

"NuResponse Captures Information to be Used in Unique Ways For Business Owners"

Beyond the Normal Call Tracking


A prospect calls a roofing contractor in Seattle WA. The contractor is on a ladder and can't answer the phone. Typically the prospect would go to voicemail. At this point there is a high chance the prospect will hang up without leaving a message.However, NuResponse steps in, the built-in Quick Connect ToolsQuick Connect ToolsPut a description about quick connect tools here., capture the phone number of the prospect, and send an instant notification through text message to the Contractor's cell phone. The text message notifies the contractor immediately, that he missed a call from his Advertising SourceAdvertising SourcePut a description about advertising sources here.. The Roofing contractor NOW, has the chance to call the prospect back within moments, and "SAVE THE SALE!"

Beyond Normal Web Forms


A prospect has come to our Roofing contractors website. They click on the Free Online Quote form, and fill it out. Once they press submit, they are taken to the thank you page. While they are reading the thank page, the NuResponse "Quick Connect Tools" go to work.
  1. The form information is pulled into our system and converted into voice!
  2. A call is made to the contractor and the voice message is played.
  3. At the end of the message, The Contractor presses "1" to connect to the prospect.

All of this takes about 30 seconds, and the prospect is now talking to the contractor before leaving the contractor's website.